Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm in love...with my vanilla beans.

Those aren't just any ol vanilla beans nope they are tahitian vanilla beans. Aren't they just wonderful. I can make sauces with em and cakes with em and ice creams with em and pies and cookies and custards and and and I can even make my very own vanilla extract with em. Don't be jealous.

There are three main types of vanilla beans:

Tahitian vanilla has a light and fruity taste. The pods are short, fat, and have fewer seeds. They are more expensive than other types.

Bourbon beans have long slender pods with lots of seeds. To me they have a slightly alcoholic vanilla taste (not in a bad way).

Mexican beans are the same as the bourbon with a slightly spicyness added.

I personally like all three types. I can only buy one type for the restaurant so i picked the tahitian.

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Renea West said...

Oohhhhh! I love them too. I try to use them in everything I bake. Have you ever made vanilla sugar? It is my favorite use for them because you can use the sugar in tea and coffee and add a little kick to my drinks! I just split and scrape the beans and add it all to an airtight container with white sugar and then there you have it!!! YUMMY!!!